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SUPERBOXER on channel 10’s 1HD First of the series!!! from Sydney!! ended up in quite an unexpected manner.

After what was going as a successful fightnight the Japanese import Kenichi Yamaguchi began the first round with unexpected tactics which created a confusion by rushing like a madman towards our newest boxing star and attempting to throw a massive right hand which really was no threat to Dib other than showing what sort of a sportsman he was.

The audience saw Dib trying to gain composure for some time unsuccessfully as the the Japanese fighter kept his unusual tactics which only ended up in placing both boxers off balance to the point where they were falling over one another.

This had nothing to do with channel ten’s 1HD organization of the show nor the Sydney promoter of the event.

These were a select group which are hindering Australian Boxing in NSW time and time again.

We at YVB look forward to seeing the next of the series in Melbourne Thursday 16th July.

Furthermore rethinking where these events should be taking place will be an important issue for channel 10 1HD.

The commentating by professional boxing standard needed improvement.