SUPERBOXER on channel 10’s 1HD First of the series!!! from Sydney!! ended up in quite an unexpected manner.

After what was going as a successful fightnight the Japanese import Kenichi Yamaguchi began the first round with unexpected tactics which created a confusion by rushing like a madman towards our newest boxing star and attempting to throw a massive right hand which really was no threat to Dib other than showing what sort of a sportsman he was.

The audience saw Dib trying to gain composure for some time unsuccessfully as the the Japanese fighter kept his unusual tactics which only ended up in placing both boxers off balance to the point where they were falling over one another.

This had nothing to do with channel ten’s 1HD organization of the show nor the Sydney promoter of the event.

These were a select group which are hindering Australian Boxing in NSW time and time again.

We at YVB look forward to seeing the next of the series in Melbourne Thursday 16th July.

Furthermore rethinking where these events should be taking place will be an important issue for channel 10 1HD.

The commentating by professional boxing standard needed improvement.

2 Responses to “SUPERBOXER”

  1. i watched some great action that nite and that was a poor end to an otherwise good nite of boxing, the Dominic Vea v Anthony McCracken fight was a ripper!

    Melbourne Town Hall a boomer
    16th. Jul. 2009
    Main event
    12 rounds.Tim Bell vs Walter Papua

    An awesome fight in matchmaking was in display which kept supporters on the edge of their seats where a true fighter made his mark against a very experienced, cagey, durable and quick opponent in Walter Papua.
    The fight started at a reasonable pace and accelerated into a toe to toe match which
    went the whole distance.
    Bell was expected to tire Papua but this was a way away so he kept grinding his way in
    with varied leads AND huge lefts, over arm rights followed body punches and uppercuts but
    Papua kept well out of trouble by good mobility and used very smart tactics which
    reserved his condition.
    Papua had a great kit of punches and wasn’t about to give the fight away easily and in
    turn countered leads by very dangerous looking bolo rights followed by left round-arm
    punches but Bell just seemed to absorb them recovering within fractions of seconds.
    Soon after mid-fight about the seventh round Bell started to look more accurate in his landing of punches as Papua showed slight indications of slowing down.
    By the championship rounds Bell seemed to have the fight in the bag unless stopped which was always a worry but unexpected and didn’t eventuate.
    All in all this was a great fight which was undoubtedly high grade and suitable for channel ten’s 1HD first broadcast nationwide from Melbourne.
    ANBF Australian Super Middleweight Title Fight
    10 rounds.
    Local fighter Luke Moloney had a hard time keeping up with Aussie champion Les Piper.
    Due to Moloney’s height and reach advantage Piper had to fight at close quarters and accidental head clashes had to happen which drew blood from Piper however not severe enough to stop the fight.
    Piper’s workrate was much higher than Luke’s hence a points win was the result.
    Quality Fighter Jamie Pittman downclassed by local Frank Ciampa.
    6 rounds.
    Due to severe unorthorthodox fighting by a very nervous looking Ciampa, Pittman was forced to not show his
    brilliant ability and copped injuries due to bad maneuverability of his opponents head and
    style of clinching.
    Pittman was slam thrown to the canvas after placed in an unbalanced position on two
    occasions and many times having to be untangled from his opponent by the referee Tony
    However Pittman managed to win every round despite what he had to put up with.
    Some credit needs to be given to Ciampa for his gameness of entering the ring in the
    first place but needs to be matched with fighters in his own class for this situation not
    to be repeated by the promoters.

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