YVB Victorian Boxers Ratings Committee

Input is required by experienced boxing enthusiasts which can become committee members of YVB Victorian Boxers Ratings group. There is no restrictions as to who can contribute in discussions but committee members make the final decissions.

One Response to “YVB Victorian Boxers Ratings Committee”

  1. I am inviting you to take some interest in being a member of a ratings committee ( without meetings etc.) which will put together a sensible Victorian Boxers Ratings which is and has been missing for quite some time.
    The ANBF’s listing http://www.anbf.org/StateRatingsIndex.htm
    Shown on YVB is a ratings page that collects its info from ANBF’s listing.
    Entry to this page is VIC RATINGS COMMITTEE BLOG
    I hope you participate as you are a leading person in Victorian boxing and you will add a great sense of responsibility to all other boxing gurus.

    This is intended to buffer missing official listings by the major sites like ANBF so our local boxers and promoters can view with obvious much needed interest.
    Hopefully matchmakers participate.
    “Join” you are needed.

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