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7 Responses to “About Boxing in Victoria – Ringside – Videos”

  1. Costa Chondross vs Mike Olalekan 4 Rounds
    Mike Olalekan 94.05k failed in his comeback fight against Costa Chondros 90.65k but made a reasonable account for himself while he lasted. He was having his first fight since Oct 1999 which meant it was going to be difficult at 35 years of age.
    Olalekan fought well until the the three quarter part of the fourth round when Costa landed a peach of a right hand which put an end to the popular fight and possibly the hopes of a successful comeback by Olalekan.

  2. The Chondros fight was great. Good to see Keith Ellis in the corner. It obviously helped Chondros find that extra bit for the sweet KO.
    Without the KO it was looking like Chondros was going to lose….

  3. Costa was methodical. Great fight while it lasted.

    These video’s are something I’ve been waiting for for ages.
    Great work Victor. We have a man on the ground where others don’t.
    Love ’em.

  4. ann magnuson

    Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

  5. “PRESTIGE SPORTS MANAGEMENT” another class addition to Melbourne’s growing Boxing Promotion World. They promise they are set to fire up with their second promo called Lester Ellis Cup with $50k up for grabs.
    Young Victor Boxing welcomes Prestige Sports Management entry into the Victorian Boxing legacy of promoters now made official by the Victorian Boxing and Combat Sports board of control.
    Keith Ellis and David Deicke are brothers sharing the same blood and belong to the famous Ellis family of Australian Boxers and are expected to form a strong force in Melbourne Boxing..
    Keith Ellis is no newcomer to fight promotions and matchmaking, so a good card is expected.
    This Ellis team will be holding their second show at Sunshine Skating Centre after their first successful show at Dallas Brooks Hall 6th March.YVB wish them well and expect it will be another successful night of boxing

  6. Julian Holland (Fighting Farrier) with a major fight on his hands.

    Former Commonwealth Champion Julian Holland is in hospital fighting cancer.

    Everybody knows Jules as on of the nicest people in Boxing and YVB pray that he overcomes his horrible state and comes back to health.

    Julian a true fighter has all the ingredients to make it.

    Good luck Jules from all boxing fans Australiawide.

  7. Hey Guys in addition to our news service to Boxing we have opened a website to sell Boxing tickets http://www.boxingtickets.net.au and another to sell Boxing Gear gloves etc http://yvb.com.au
    Hope you like the idea

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